Thank you, Yariv!

 This year, 2019, has been an amazing year for me and that has been mainly as a result of the wonderful research done for me by Yariv and his company.  The story itself is interesting. 

 My Mother died suddenly in 1974 when I was aged 23 and I lost touch with all my relations on her side of my family.  As the years have gone by I have wanted to make contact with them again, but I didn’t know how to go about this.  Through the work of Yariv, over the past six months I have re-established contact with all six first cousins on my Mother’s side of the family and, in September 2019, I went on a trip to Israel to meet them all again.  Most of them I last saw 55 years ago, so this was a wonderfully emotional and meaningful reunion. 

 However, the work of Yariv and his company did not end there.  As a result of his researches I have discovered all sorts of information about my four grandparents who were killed in the Holocaust.  I have seen photos of my Mother’s parents for the first time ever and I now know what they looked like.  Yariv also discovered a huge network of uncles, aunts and cousins who had been close members of my Mother’s family before the War and their deaths in the Holocaust.  As a result, I now know so much more about the life and world of my Mother and her family from the time when she grew up in Germany and Holland before the War. 

 There is no way that I can adequately express my appreciation for Yariv and his work.  He has been a major and unique part of finding the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of my family and helping me to put them together.

Dr. Brian Fine, London, England.